Have you ever had that magical game where the strikes and the spares just seem to come naturally? Perhaps you’ve come close to that oh-so-difficult-to-break 200 mark, or maybe — just maybe — you’ve even bowled a perfect game before. When it comes to bowling, there really is no better feeling than bowling a strike or knocking down that last remaining pin on a tough spare. Whatever your accomplishments are, they should always be celebrated by friends and family! (Of course, there is the frustration of throwing the perfect ball and looking back to see that no one watched you bowl!)

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Whether you’re a bumpers-only type of bowler or you’re in a serious league, Lucky66 Bowl is proud to serve New Mexico. Our Albuquerque bowling alley is here for purely-recreational and strictly-competitive bowlers of all sorts, and we also offer two banquet halls to host your next bowling party. Bowling leagues, sand volleyball, a full-service bar, and a fun and friendly atmosphere — not to toot our own horn, but we really feel like we offer it all!

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Below, read about some pretty crazy bowling world records that really make you think, “how on earth did they do that?”

Bowling A Perfect Game In 86.9 Seconds

Yes, you read that right. 23-year-old Ben Ketola managed to bowl 12 strikes in a row in less than a minute and a half. How, you might ask? Well, he did have an entire bowling alley to himself — something that most bowlers probably won’t ever have access to. Going down the line, this two-handed bowler managed to nail every single strike. Check it out for yourself if you don’t believe us.

How Well Can You Bowl…Backward?

Bowling is tough enough on its own, but bowling backward is, no doubt, a challenge. Andrew Cowen managed to bowl an impressive 280 during a game of backward bowling, managing 10 strikes in a row during this feat. A “regular” 280 on its own is good enough…but hey, might as well do it backward, right?

How Many Bowling Balls Can You (Safely) Hold At Once?

One bowling ball is heavy enough, and holding two bowling balls at once is more than enough. But nine of them? Tyler S. of Fort Wayne, Indiana managed to do it. That doesn’t translate to a perfect score by any means, but that’s pretty impressive nonetheless!

Stacking Them Up

You’re probably familiar with the concept of stacking rocks, but what about stacking something as seemingly impossible as a bowling ball? Someone had to do it. That someone was Eric S. of Livermore, California. He managed to stack an impressive seven bowling balls in a tower without them falling over.

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