If you enjoy fun, smashing personal records and hanging out with friends and family in a cool environment (and who doesn’t love all of that?), then it sounds like going bowling is what you need to do. Some join bowling leagues while others only bowl a couple times a year, if that. So if it’s been awhile since you’ve made it down to the lanes, we encourage you to come down to our Albuquerque bowling alley here at Lucky66 Bowl!

Choose Lucky66 Bowl For Your Next Bowling Destination

So, if our enticing intro paragraph didn’t immediately want to make you shoot for those strikes and spares, maybe 5 good reasons to go bowling will. Don’t forget that our bowling center also offers sand volleyball during the warmer weather and banquet halls for Albuquerque events during any time of the year! Click here to learn more.

It’s A Fun Team Bonding Activity

Why not take your work team or sports team out for an evening on the lanes? It’ll be fun. You can form mini-teams within your team to face off against each other, and even place friend bets as to which mini-team will win. Just make sure to keep the competition friendly, because, at the end of the day, it’s just a game!

Challenge Yourself

Is it just a game, though? Some people like to think of bowling as a competition against yourself, and it makes sense – after all, it’s just you, the lane, and ten pins when it’s your turn. Can you finally break that score of 200 like you’ve been aiming to? Or for others, perhaps lowering the bumpers is enough of an accomplishment for the day. Either way, bowling is a unique game in the sense that you’re playing against yourself.

It’s The Hardest, Easiest Game Ever

Bowling is interesting because the concept could not be more simple, and yet the execution can often be painfully difficult. Indeed, you might throw the bowling ball the same way two times in a row and it does two completely different things. Why? It could be a number of things, but we’ll save that sage commentary for another blog post.

Nothing Beats The Satisfaction Of Throwing A Strike

Booyah! The feeling of getting a strike is almost unbeatable. Regardless of how you do it, whether you’re spinning the ball on the very edge of the lane or shooting it straight down the middle, there’s just something incredibly satisfying about seeing all of the pins fall down on your first try. Now, bowling multiple strikes in a row, let alone a ‘turkey’? That will give you bragging rights for at least a couple weeks.

It’s A Great Chance To Blow Off Some Stress

Been putting in long hours at the office, or are your kids just driving you up a wall? Drive down to the bowling alley, then! You’re throwing a heavy, circular-shaped object and other objects down a slicked surface…what’s not to love? While we discourage our guests from actually chucking the ball in the air, please feel free to really roll the bowling ball hard down the lane. Your mental health will thank you, and hey, you can even do a victory dance when you nail a strike or spare.

So Come On Down To Lucky66 Bowl

Need we say anymore? Whether you’re hosting a bowling party or just coming down to play at our Albuquerque bowling center, make it happen by getting in touch with us today!

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