When most people join a bowling league or go out for a single night of bowling, their main focus is typically on having a good time with friends or colleagues as opposed to their actual score or performance. While we’re all for cheering you on as you jump up and down celebrating a strike, Lucky66 Bowl is also here to make sure that everyone is having a great time at our bowling lanes in Albuquerque. To us, that’s what the experience is all about – socializing with friends, enjoying delicious food and drinks, and not getting too frustrated when those pins just won’t budge.

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At the same time, making common mistakes at our bowling alley is about as easy as crossing over the foul line on your approach. In a previous blog post, Lucky66 Bowl covered various bowling etiquette tips, and in a similar vein, our Albuquerque bowling center is briefly going to cover a few things that you shouldn’t do. So, if you’re thinking about sliding down the center of the lane after a few adult beverages in order to retrieve your stuck bowling ball, think twice and check out what we have to say below.

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Don’t Bowl Without Bowling Shoes

We’ve also touched on this in the past, but long story short, just don’t step on the approach area with street shoes. Your shoes are guaranteed to scratch the delicately smooth surface, and you won’t have that smooth stride that bowling shoes are designed for. Side note: Please, do not wear your bowling shoes outside, as this will tarnish the bottom of the shoes and track in dirt.

Don’t Bowl When The Sweep Is Down

The sweep is the big mechanical arm that comes down between shots and collects the pins that you’ve (hopefully) knocked down. Always make sure to wait until the sweep has fully retracted before throwing your second ball, as you could cause extensive damage to the equipment. Even if you think you’re timing it perfectly on your approach, there’s a chance that a mechanical failure could occur, causing the sweep to get stuck. Don’t make us sweep you out of here!

Don’t Throw Multiple Bowling Balls At Once

More balls, more pins…right? It’s sound logic, but doing so can potentially damage the sweep like we mentioned above. Generally speaking, bowling lanes just aren’t designed for multiple balls to be flying down at one time. Just throw one ball at a time and you’re in good hands, which may or may not be sore if you’ve played multiple games in a row.

Don’t Eat Or Drink On The Approaches

Beer and pizza are a near-obligatory complement to the bowling experience, but don’t let this boozy grease make contact with the polished wood surface of the approach area. The designated hang out areas next to the approach are there for a reason; use them!

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That’s all we have time for today, but if avoid doing these things when you’re visiting our Albuquerque bowling center, then you’re in for a great time. If you have any questions about joining a bowling league, renting one of our banquet halls or the latest bowling deals, contact Lucky66 Bowl today!

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